Southwest Washington, D.C.


In the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood, visitors can stroll along the Washington Channel's banks, past marinas full of pleasure vessels and houseboats, waterfront restaurants and even the former presidential yacht U.S.S. Sequoia.

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4 Things You Should Know About Living in Southwest Washington, DC.

Washington D.C.'s Southwest Waterfront has come up with a transformation in the past years. This is DC’s smallest quadrant. Today, the neighborhood boasts newly constructed residential and commercial buildings called The Wharf. The neighborhood in Southwest Washington still manages to maintain a laid-back vibe despite the changes. The parks and yacht clubs indicate that this area still loves the simpler things.

If you plan to live in the Southwest Waterfront of Washington DC, here are things you must know. 

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Things You Should Know About Living in Southwest Washington, DC


Like the other three quadrants, there are three modes of transportation used in Southwest Washington DC. The most popular is the Metro Train. Its four strategic stations to different key locations in the area make it the popular choice for commuters. Another transportation option is the SW Neighborhood Shuttle that runs every 10 minutes and connects the wharf to the malls. Lastly, there are the buses that run through the entire road network. This connects SW to the rest of the quadrants and its neighboring cities. 


The riverfronts of Washington and Anacostia river are fast becoming DC's most exciting destination. A new 24-acre development of residential and commercial establishments called “The Wharf” is the “hot commodity” of the area. The neighborhood is collectively safe and conducive to starting your own family. Many young professionals live in apartments and condos around the area. Nightlife is flourishing and outpouring to other parts of DC. 


It is expected that the cost of living in Southwest Washington DC will rise and be at par with the other parts of the DC Neighborhood. The new opportunities opened in the Waterfront would surely raise the bar of employment and expenses alike. It is the best time to invest in properties and real estate now. The prices for real estate properties in the area now are relatively lower and more stable. It's expected to skyrocket in the next month or so. 


“The Wharf” is the new best destination in Southwest Washington DC. The place was opened in 2017. It covers 24-acre land and 50-acre of water, and has bars, restaurants, and parks for locals to enjoy. There's also a seafood market and world-class theaters in Southwest Washington as it embraces its historic past. The Arena Stage also responded to the change by adding 2 new experimental production stages and preserving the original theater. The Gangplank Marina is the last stop for a sightseeing cruise. You have to experience seeing the Jefferson Memorial and other landmarks from the Hornblower cruises. 

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