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This beautiful city is home to luxurious homes, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, many of the country's finest educational institutions, upscale shopping venues, and award-winning restaurants.

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What You Should Know About Living in Mclean, VA

A few miles west of Washington, DC lies McLean, an unincorporated community in Fairfax County, Virginia. Like you would expect of a city so close to Washington, D.C., living in McLean is brimming full of important people, including diplomats, senators, and CIA agents.

McLean's name comes from its founder, John Roll McLean. He was the owner of the Washington Post in the early 1900s and founded the city on a land grant for homes. Several historic homes from that era are still around, giving this community its distinct classical feel. 

McLean is a high-class and beautiful town just outside of Washington, DC, and is home to many Americans in politics!

If you’re considering Mclean as your next place to live, here are other things you need to know.

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4 Things You Need To Know About Living in Mclean, VA

Cost of Living

Since McLean is home to senators and government officials, you might expect its cost of living to be more expensive than the national average. In line with Virginia's high cost of living, the average housing here costs twice the price in Virginia. 

Utility, groceries, and transportation costs are also higher than average here than they are nationwide. Likewise, rent here is expensive, but not quite as much as you might expect, with an average of $2,244 per month for all units.


Although McLean is not a big city, there are still a lot of opportunities to associate yourself with local neighborhoods and communities! The McLean flair and style are found in every neighborhood you end up choosing.

McLean has ten main neighborhoods, each with its unique feel and community. West Belleview is the most expensive and the largest of all these, while Langley Forest comes in second in terms of cost, located just next to Bethesda and Washington, DC. Lewisville Heights comes in as the most affordable one.

Homes For Sale In McLean VA

Single Family Homes for sale in McLean VA currently take, on average, about 2 months to sell. The median price for homes for sale Arlington VA is around $1,600,000. McLean VA real estate prices show an average cost per square foot of almost $400.

Schools and Universities

The Fairfax County School District serves students of McLean, and students also attend widely-renowned schools, including Cooper Middle School and Langley High School. Locals interested in pursuing higher education can attend the University of District of Columbia, located right inside DC.

Things To Do

A prime location in the heart of the nation's capital means excellent business possibilities, as well as great shopping and attractions! McLean gives you access to excellent luxury shopping centers like Tysons Galleria and Tysons Corner Center! 

Some of the best things to do in Mclean include visiting Clemyjontri Park. This two-acre park provides a unique playspace for children of all abilities, including wheelchairs and other equipment to make it accessible for those with disabilities. The park is a McLean family favorite!

If hiking is your thing, then you might also like to visit one of the few nature preserves in Fairfax County. Scotts Run is an ideal trail hiking spot right in the middle of town! 

If you are considering moving to Mclean, it is important to learn more about the area beforehand. Various aspects of a location can influence your quality of life, including the cost of living, the neighborhood, and even the leisure options in the town.

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