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For those looking for fun in the evenings, Clarendon is a great place to go. It's a great location for a great date night for any age, and a hub for young people.

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Welcome To Clarendon, Arlington VA

Clarendon is a small, urban area in Arlington, Virginia that is one of the city's cultural centers. It attracts a lot of traffic from local and national businesses thanks to its ideal location on the Orange Line. It has evolved into a flourishing center for shopping, dining, and entertainment throughout the years.

With gorgeous residential neighborhoods and nearby retail and restaurants, it also has the shortest commute times you will ever find in a major city. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to walk to Georgetown, or you can take a bicycle, scooter, or metro to get anywhere in the DC region.

Although it is close to the city, it maintains beautiful parks, walking paths, dog parks, unique small businesses, and a wonderful community ambiance.

If you have plans to live in Clarendon, VA, here are some things you need to know.

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4 Things You Need To Know About Living in Clarendon, Arlington VA

Cost of Living

Just like other communities in Arlington, Clarendon’s cost of living is also higher than the national average. Included in this are food, transportation, and housing expenses. Despite being pricier, it has the most restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping options.


The Clarendon Courthouse area is home to large condo buildings as well as many single-family homes and townhouses. Like its neighboring communities, Clarendon is known for its flat, apartment-style condominiums. The Clarendon skyline features a wide selection of different types of housing communities, with a majority of Clarendon's listings belonging to this type.

Schools & Universities

Public schools in Arlington County are among the most notable in the country. The variety of educational opportunities in Clarendon shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Numerous public schools are located in the area, including Yorktown High School, as well as private schools like St. Ann Catholic School, which won a National Blue Ribbon Award.

Things To Do

Clarendon offers it all—dining, drinking, shopping, and more! This neighborhood is one of Arlington’s most vibrant areas, with many restaurants, bars, stores, fitness facilities, and markets.

It offers a great location for running on weekday mornings, shopping on Saturday, cocktail drinking on evenings at a rooftop bar, and dining out with friends and family on Sunday. Children can also enjoy fun kids' activities year-round. Whether you're a local or a visitor, you'll be sure to find something to enjoy here!

Clarendon is best known for its many tourist attractions, but it is also a great place to work and live. A key reason the community has thrived and grown is its proximity, convenience, high-quality communities, and skilled workforce. This makes Clarendon a convenient place to live and do business.

Clarendon Active Listings

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